Thursday, August 13, 2009

Four Pleasures Framework

In 1992 Dr Lionel Tiger wrote The Pursuit of Pleasure, in which he espoused a framework classifying pleasures into four different types.

The framework models four conceptually distinct types of pleasure – physical, social, psychological and ideological.

  • Physio-Pleasure: bodily pleasures derived from the senses. Could cover tactile and olfactory properties of products.
  • Socio-Pleasure: enjoyment derived from relationships with others. Products may confer social status or identity or may play a role in social situations.
  • Psycho-Pleasure: pleasure in people's thoughts and minds. Includes their cognitive and emotional reactions to products.
  • Ideo-Pleasure: concerns people's values. People would buy products which express their personal values, for example, concern for environment or sustainable living.

The Open University has an interactive site on designing for the four pleasures.

Lionel Tiger's framework was further popularized by Dr Patrick Jordan in three of his books, Designing Pleasurable Products, How to Make Brilliant Stuff that People Love, and Pleasure with Products: Beyond Usability. In these books, he provides numerous examples and insights and practical tools and methods for designing mass-market products that are successful in connecting emotionally with consumers and create pleasurable user experiences.

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