Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Final Presentations & Technical Drawings

Everybody dressed appropriately for their presentations, well done! I'm sure you'd agree you were more convincing when you dressed that way rather than if you were in T-shirt, jeans and running shoes.

Something that kept recurring in the presentations I saw was that people were not conforming with the Australian Standard AS1100 for Technical Drawing. Several weren't following third angle projection principles.

Moreover, some people were making technical drawings of their model, not of the product as it is to be mass-manufactured. To clarify: your technical drawing must show your intentions of how your product would be made in a factory, not in the workshop.

The AS1100 document is available at the UNSW Library as a Sirius resource. This PDF normally costs $51.57 to download but is FREE to the UNSW community when accessed via the UNSW Library gateway. To get it, go to the UNSW Library website, then on the Quicklinks at the left side click the link to Sirius databases & e-journals. Under "Find Resource" just type "australian standards", which will take you to another window after you find the link. If you are asked for details, you can enter this:

User ID/User Name: 1212787121
Email Address: [your email address]

Then in the Standards Australia search bar just type 1100 and it will take you to the pages where you can download the AS1100 from, beginning with the General Principles, which is a 240-page book. You can save the PDF but this PDF expires after a few weeks, so you might want to print it out as a reference for your entire design career.

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