Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Task Four: Design Excellence

Note: Do not glue your posters to foam core. Instead slip them inside a reusable A3 plastic sleeve with a stiff board backing.

Analyse ONE award winning product design from the websites of the 2010 International Design Excellence Awards or the 2010 Australian International Design Awards.

You will need to create an A3-sized poster with the following:
 high-quality image/s of product
 description of the product (what it does, what it is used for)
 name of designer or manufacturer, and their web addresses
 annotations or close-up views of certain details of the design, discussing the visual design elements and principles present. Point out the use of the elements of line, shape, pattern, texture and colour. Rationalize how the principles of balance, rhythm, scale, proportions, harmony, etc were successfully employed. Focus on discussing the visual elements of the product’s form and features and NOT the operational or technical properties.

The poster must have a graphically pleasing layout. A JPG of the poster must be uploaded to your blog site and to the FBE Submit Folder. An A3 hardcopy is also required for displaying and discussing in the studio. On your blog site, write a few lines of reflections on what you think overall about the award-winning product you looked into, as well as what you learned from this process of product form analysis.

The course blog site shows an example of a design analysis poster, as well as your individual product assignments.

Upload your poster to your blog site and to the Submit folder.


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